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How Does it Work?
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Real Estate Fax Provider "Email-to-Fax" service (Sending Faxes) allows you to send faxes anywhere in the world from your own email client, all without owning a fax machine or additional phone line. You no longer need to tie up your computer's modem to send a fax!

Email-to-Fax eliminates the need to print out your documents only to feed them into the scanner of your fax machine. Now you can simply attach a supported file type (ie. Microsoft Word or PDF file) to an email and send your faxes directly from your email client. You pay only for faxes that are successfully delivered.

To send a fax from your email client using our system, simply address your fax to [fax_number] and attach any supported document file to your email, and then send it!

The REFP's Send Fax system currently supports the following file attachments:

  .doc, .xls, .txt, .pdf, .tif, .html, .htm, 
  .gif, .jpg, .pub, .rtf, .wps, .wpd, .cpy, .efx, 
  .xif, .pcx, .dcx, .fxd, .fxm and .fxs
For a complete list of the files we support, click here.

Once your email is received by our system, we convert the attached file or files and then send it out as a fax to the number you specified in the first part of the email address.

Step by Step - How do I send a fax?
  1. Open your email program and create a new mail message.
  2. In the "To" field enter the destination fax number followed by the extension.
  3. The destination fax number must include the country code + area + local number without any spaces between the numbers.

  4. For example:
  5. In the "Subject" field, enter the information that you would like to appear in the fax header.
  6. In this example, the recipient's name and title have been entered in the Subject field.
  7. On the following lines within the body of the email, provide any text you want to have faxed.
    Note: This text will be converted to a fax image using a 12 point fixed width font.
  8. You can also attach one or more files to your email message. For a complete list of the files we support, click here.
  9. If you only want to fax the document(s) you attached, you do not need to type any text in the email body. If you do both (email body and attachment) then the text in the email body will appear as the first page of the fax.
    Note: Documents that you attach will look exactly the same when your email is converted to a fax.
  10. Click "Send"
  11. We will convert your email to a fax document, deliver it to your recipient(s) and email you a detailed confirmation of your fax transmission.

  12. As you can see, using PFP to send a fax is as easy - and convenient - as sending an email!


With Real Estate Fax Provider, you will get your own personal toll-free (866) unique fax number (or a local number). You can then receive faxes as email attachments in PDF (default) or TIFF format.

Our fax to email service allows you to receive faxes without owning a fax machine or having a dedicated phone line. To send you a fax, people will simply dial your new REFP fax number from their fax machine. It is completely transparent to the sender and requires no special extension numbers or software.

Your faxes are then delivered to you as email attachments in PDF or TIFF format. Your TIFF files can be viewed with software included with most versions of Microsoft Windows. PDF files can be viewed with the Free Adobe Reader.

Fax to email allows you to eliminate your dedicated fax lines, which could save you as much as $25 per line every month. You can also choose whether or not to print your faxes, saving you paper and ink costs. Our rates for fax to email are the lowest in the industry - $9.95 USD per month with 200 free pages per month - $0.10 per page after the first 200 pages.

Aside from the cost benfits of fax to email, you also have the luxury of receiving your faxes in digital format anywhere you access your email. And since you receive all your faxes directly to your email inbox, you can avoid privacy concerns in shared office environments.

Additionally, you can receive multiple faxes at the same time so your callers will not experience any busy signals.

Step by Step - How do I receive a fax?

  1. After signing-up, you will be assigned a personal toll-free fax number (or local number - your choice - same price.)
  2. Your clients and contacts send faxes to your personal fax number, just as they would normally do.
    Bonus: If you choose a toll-free PFP number, no matter where you are, your North American clients and contacts can fax to you free of charge!
  3. All faxes sent to your personal fax number arrive in your existing email account in the form of a PDF or TIFF attachment.
  4. Double-click on the attachment to open it.
  5. The attachment will open either in your Adobe Reader or in your image viewing software, where you may read it, save it or print it as a hard copy for your records.
As you can see, using REFP to receive a fax is as easy - and convenient - as receiving an email!

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