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Our Pricing Plans

Whether you are just trying us out, or need to get started right away, our pricing is straightforward and reasonable - based on the volume of faxing that you expect to use. At any time, you can upgrade or change your plan. If you decide to cancel, you can cancel at anytime - no long-term contracts.

Plans Low Volume Plan Simple Plan Standard Plan Hi Volume Plan
Yearly Payment Option $47.40/yr
Monthly Payment Option N/A $7.95/month $9.95/month $19.95/month
Free pages/month 25
send or receive
100 Receive
50 Send
200 Receive
100 Send
400R / 200S
200R / 400S
(over free allotment)
15 cents/page 10 cents/page 10 cents/page 10 cents/page
Local or Toll-Free Number yes yes yes yes
Free Setup yes yes yes yes
Free 24/7 Support yes yes yes yes
Delivery Confirmations yes yes yes yes
  • All Prices in US dollars ($USD)
  • Low Volume Plan is only available paid Yearly. High Volume Plan is only available paid Monthly. Simple and Standard Plans can be paid Monthly or Yearly (a discount is applied for Yearly payments on these plans)
  • Please contact REFP Sales for more higher volume pricing plans
  • Local numbers are available for most North American cities. See List. Please contact REFP Sales for more information.
  • Rates apply to faxes sent within North America only. View our international destination rates below.
Pricing FAQ

What happens when I run out of free pages?
Additional fax pages cost just $0.10 each to send/receive (for Simple and Standard Plans - other plans vary.) Remember, all REFP plans come with a quantity of free fax pages, so be sure to choose a plan that best fits your faxing needs!

How much for a toll-free fax number?
Itís free! Unlike a toll-free telephone number that costs you money when someone calls you, you do not pay extra when someone sends a fax to your toll-free REFP number. Other Internet fax services charge up to $0.28/page when you receive faxes on a toll-free fax number.

Are long distance charges applied when I send a fax?
Long distance charges are not applied to faxes sent within the USA (e.g., state-to-state). Faxes sent outside the USA are subject to international destination rates.

How is Internet faxing cheaper than owning a fax machine?
Internet faxing eliminates the costs associated with traditional faxing. REFP requires no fax supplies (toner, ink cartridges, paper), maintenance, or separate line costs. To use REFP, all you need is an email address Ė something you already own!

Iím ready to sign up! How do I purchase REFP?
To get your REFP Internet fax number, sign up online or call our Sales Team toll-free at 1-800-437-3297. REFP is month-to-month, there's no long-term contract to sign, and you may cancel at any time.

The REFP website respects your Internet privacy and provides safe and secure shopping.

International Send Rates ($USD per page)

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